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This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.  I believe the skill level to be at the "Advanced Intermediate" Level.  Just be sure to read every step carefully and always pay special attention to what layer you are working on.
Things Needed For This Tutorial
  • Paint Shop Pro (This is done using 9), but should be able to be done in newer versions.
  • A Graphic of choice .....One that is wider will work best.
  • Font of your Choice
  • 2 Plug-In's are needed.....You can download them both Here
  • We will be using: Mehdi - Weaver,  and Kiwi Plugin - Zig Zack
  • Any tubes or brushes you would like to use to dress up your Letter.
  • Let's Begin....Please make sure you have downloaded the Plug-in's and have placed them into your Plug-in's folder....before you open PSP.

    Making the Header
    1.  Open your graphic of choice.  Select a light color....this is important!
         The lighter color will not only make your text stand out better, but It
          makes the header blend into the background better.
    2.  Shift-D to duplicate your graphic.  Close the original and go to Image/Resize.
         With the following settings.....Keep your width around 400 pixels....let height
         self adjust.  I use smart size....It doesn't distort the image to much.
         Adjust/Sharpen....If needed.
    3.  Selections/Select All.....Selections/Modify/Contract at 15....
    4.  Selections/Invert......Effects/Plugins/Mehdi - Weaver, with these settings:
         Edit/Repeat - Weaver
    5.  Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance.....Effects/Drop shadow with following settings:
         Repeat - Drop shadow... Vertical/Horizontal -4...
         Selections/Select None
    6.  Image/Add Borders....with the following settings....
    7.  Open a new image 500 X 500 pixels.  Flood fill it with the light color you
         choose in step 1.
    8.  Adjust - Add/Remove Noise /Add Noise with the following settings...
    9.  Effects/Plugins/Kiwi Oelfilter - Zig Zack with the following settings....
          Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling at Default settings.
    10. Make your Graphic active....Edit/Copy.  Edit/Paste it onto your new image.
    11. Layers/Duplicate.....Repeat once you have 3 layers of your
    12. Make sure the top layer is active....add a Drop Shadow of the following....
    13. Now make the next layer down active....Image/Rotate...Free Rotate with
          these settings....
          Repeat Drop Shadow:  Vertical/Horizontal: 5, Opacity: 50, Blur: 5, Color Black
          Shadow on new layer: Not checked.
    14. Now make the third layer down active....Image/Rotate...Free Rotate
          Same settings as before:  But change the direction to Left.
    15. Effects/Texture Effects - Mosaic Antique with the following settings....
           Take this time to add any tubes or brushes you would like.
           Add Text of your choice.....
           Add your watermark and we are done with making the Header.
    Go to File/Export and Export it to the JPEG Optimizer and Optimize at 10 or 15 (Depending on how clear your graphic will look).

    Making the Side Border
    16.  Open a New Image 1200 X 300, or the width you use for your
           screen resolution....
    17.  Flood Fill it with your same light color used in your Header background.
    18.  Adjust - Add/Remove Noise /Add Noise at Gaussian 6, Monochrome Checked.
    19.  Effects/Plugins/Kiwi Oelfilter - Zig Zack same settings as before. 
           Note:  Settings should still be there.
           Effect/Image Effect/Seamless Tiling at default.
    20.  Make your origainal graphic active (The one we started with).
    21.  With youralign=align=....Select a section of the edge of your graphic.
           See my screenshot for more info....
    22.  Edit/Copy....Edit/Paste as a new layer onto your new Image.
           Move over to the left hand side....Keep it about 6 pixels away from
           the left edge.  See my screenshot below....
    23.  Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling with these settings....   
    24.  Layers/Duplicate.....Make the middle layer active.
           Effects/Texture Effects - Mosaic Antique with the following settings....
    All Done!!!!  Export it to the JPEG Optimizer with same settings or save it which ever way you would like to.
    When Assembling in Letter Creator, your text should be somewhere around 50 from the Left Margin on your background.  Also please remember to center your header.

    Please add this link:
    Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  As much as I did writing it.  Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.  Please do not translate or Script this tutorial.  Please do not Claim any of it as your own.

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