Denim Mask Blinky Tag

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Paint Shop Pro
Animation Shop
You will need one outside Filter:
Penta.Com/Jeans Here (click the "Garbage Collections Win Mac")
Tube of your choice
Font of your choice
My Blinky file, Mask and Extras Here
(Save them to a folder where you know you will find them)
Let's Begin....
1.  Open your Tube and My Blinky file in PSP, duplicate once (shift D) and close original.  Open the mask and Minimize it for now.
Note:  My Blinky file will appear as a blank/transparent file.  Don't worry, it has all the information saved into it that you need.
2.  With your dropper tool, choose a light and dark color from your tube Minimize it for now.
3.  Flood fill my blinky file with your dark color.
4.  Effects-plugin effects-Penta.Com/Jeans

5.  Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image......Scroll down and find the mask and click ok.

6.  Layers/Merge/Merge Group......Rename this Layer "Mask"

7.  Add a new Raster Layer
8.  Flood Fill this Layer with your light color.....Layers/Arrange/Send to bottom.   Rename this Layer "Background"
9.  Add a new Raster Layer.....Layers/Arrange/Bring to Top.
10.  Selections-Load/Save Selection.....Load Selection From Alpha Channel.

Selection 1.....Click load
11.  Flood Fill these selections with your dark color.
12.  Selections/Select None....Rename this Layer "Blinky 1"
13.  Add a new Raster Layer
14.  Selections-Load/Save Selection.....Load Selection From Alpha Channel.  Selection 2...Click Load
15.  Flood Fill these selections again with your dark color.
16.  Selections/Select None....Rename this Layer "Blinky 2"
Your Layer Pallet should now look something like this:
17.  Maximize your tube.
Note: If your tube is large don't worry, we will resize it in a few.  If your tube is small you may need to resize it larger for this next step.
18.  Edit/Copy....Edit/and Paste your tube as a new layer onto the blinky we just made.
Note:  You don't want to see the whole tube, just part of it.  See my examples above.
Next you can do a few different things here.  As you see in the first tag I made above with Kelly, I just lowered the opacity of that layer a little.  But, in the second tag I changed the blend mode of that layer to give it a different effect. 
Just play around with different effects till you get what you want.
19.  Back to your tube....Resize it to around 280-290 in height.  Edit/Copy.
20.  Edit/Paste as a new layer.  Use your mover tool to place it how you want it.  Add a drop shadow of:  Vertical/Horizontal: 4, Opacity: 60, Blur 5, Color Black or your dark color.
21.  Now open my extras into PSP.  You don't have to use these.  Use whatever you like.  But, I wanted to give you some different things to choose from.
I thought the circles the mask left are kind of plain.
  So we are going to use these extras to help dress up your tag. 
 Just copy and paste them over the circle areas and add the same drop shadow as before.
22.  Now add your name and apply any effects you like, and don't forget your watermark.
23.  Finally we are ready to animate your tag.
So open Animation shop. The easiest way to open it is while in PSP click on File > Jasc Software Products > Launch Animation Shop. There are different ways to get your images into Animation Shop, and if there is one you prefer, then go right ahead. Or you can follow this way.

24.  In PSP Layers Pallet – Place a Red X over the Blinky 2 layer. Layers>Merge>Merge Visible

25. Go up top and click on Edit >Copy

Switch over to Animation Shop, and on the top click on Edit > Paste as New Animation.

26. Switch back to PSP go to Layer Pallet – Edit/Undo.

27.  In PSP Layers Pallet – Remove the Red X from the Blinky 2 layer.  Layers>Merge>Merge Visible

28.  Go up top and click on Edit >Copy

Switch back to Animation Shop and go up top to Edit > Paste > After Current Frame.

Switch back to PSP go to Layer Pallet – Edit/Undo.

29.   In PSP Layers Pallet – Place a Red X over the Blinky 1 layer. Layers>Merge>Merge Visible

30.  Go up top and click on Edit >Copy

Switch back to Animation Shop and go up top to Edit > Paste > After Current Frame.

31.  Now you have all three layers in animation shop.  We are going to change the speed of the animation.  This is how I do it that.

32.  Edit/Select All...You will see all the frames high lighted in blue.  Right click on the first frame and select-Frame Properties.  Type in 30 in the box that pops up.

Now it's time to check the speed out. Up top on the tool bar is a View Animation button (see below what it looks like)


Click on it and it will open your animation. Click on the X in the corner of the image that is showing the animation to close it. Your other image is still open.

You can resize your tag now if you like or leave at this size.

After viewing your Animation and your happy with it - Click up top on File> Save As then choose where you would like to save it, and give it a name. Click on Save. It then opens another window Animation Quality Versus Output Size. There is a slider on the left. The higher the slider is on the line the larger the file size of your animation will be. But then again the lower on the line you set it, the quality of your image goes down. Click on Next then click on next in the next window, then click Next again, then click on Finish. You may now close out your image and close Animation Shop you are done.


Please Credit Tutorial back to me at:

Hope you enjoyed doing this tut as much as I did writing it.  Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.  Try using two different tubes.

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