FilmStrip Mask Tutorial

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This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.  I believe the skill level to be at the “Advanced”Intermediate Level.  Just be sure to read every step carefully and always pay special attention to what layer you are working on.

Note:  I have 2 versions of this tutorial.  One is animated and one is not.  This is the one with NO animation.  If you would like to try the animated version click Here.

Things Needed For This Tutorial
  •   Paint Shop Pro (This is done using 9)
  •   4 graphic's of choice ...from the same movie or show.
  •   A Tube ( Preferably a misted tube)....that works well with the graphic's you choose.
  •   Font of your choice
  •   No Outside Plug-In's or Filters needed.....Yay!
Let's Begin....Making The Header
  1.  Open all 4 graphic's in PSP, duplicate once (shift D) and close originals....Minimize them for now.  Open your tube, duplicate once (shift D) and close original.
  2. With your dropper tool , choose a light color from your tube and set as your background.  Choose a dark color and set as your foreground color. 
  3. In your materials pallet click on your foreground color box and choose gradient.  Select Fading foreground, Angle 0, Repeats 1, Invert box is checked, Linear style.
  4. Open my mask and template..... minimize the mask for now.  Activate my template,  select your magic wand and click on the large white space....and the small white strip under the film strip. Layers/Promote Background Layer and push your delete key on your keyboard.  Selections/Select None..................Note:  You now should have only the black film strip showing and the background should be transpartent.
  5. Layers/Add New Raster Layer.....Layers/Arrange/Send to bottom
  6. Select your Flood Fill Tool ......... Left click and fill this layer with your background color. 
  7. Add a new raster layer.....Flood Fill this layer with your Foreground Gradient.  Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance....Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance More.
  8. Maximize your tube....Edit/Copy.  Maximize your header image.  Edit/Paste As New Layer.  Note:  You want your tube to appear under the film strip layer.  Also if you are not using a misted tube.  You may want to add a drop shadow.
  9. Make your filmstrip layer active.  Select your Magic Wand....with the feather set at 2.  Click inside of the first box of the filmstrip.
  10. Maximize one of your graphics.....Edit/Copy.  You can now close it, you will no longer need it.  Maximize your header....Edit/Paste Into Selection.  Selections/Select None.
  11. Repeat until all four boxes are filled in on the fimstrip....Layers/Merge/Merge All Fatten.
  12. Image/Add Borders....With your dark color, Symmetric at 2....Add another 2 Symmetric border, this time with your light color....Add a 4 Symmetric border, this time with your dark color....Add a 5 Symmetric border, this time the color is black.
  13. Add a new layer.....Place your watermark where you like. 
  14. File/Export/JEPG Optimize at 20.
Making The Background Sidebar
  1. Open a new image 200 X 300
  2. With your selection tool   Set at Rectangle.  Click on Custom selection  with these settings. Flood Fill the selection with your dark color.  Selections/Invert...Flood Fill the section with black. Selections/Select None.
  3. Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image.  Source Luminance and Invert mask data, both checked....Click OK.
  4. Layers/Merge/Merge Group.
  5. With your magic wand (feather 2) select the dark color area.  Effects/Texture Effects/Fur with following setting.                                              Selections / Select None.
  6. Image/Canvas Size....Width 1200 - Height 300, Left middle arrow selected.
  7. Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow with following settings.
  8. Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling with following settings.
  9. Add a new raster layer and send it to the bottom.  Flood Fill it with your light color.
  10. Add noise with the following setting.
  11. File/Export/JEPG Optimize at 25.  Add to Letter Creator and you are done.

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Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  As much as I did writing it.
Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.