Mosaic/Antique Class Side Border

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Level: Beginner
I use a lot of screen shots in this, so it should be simple to follow.
This tut was written using Paint Shop Pro 9, but you should be able to follow it with other versions.
No outside Plug-In's or Filter's Needed.
Tip: This tutorial has many steps, So remember to save often.
Preparing The Graphic
1. Shift+D to duplicate graphic.
2. Minimize one for later.
3. Resize your active image.
3 A:  If your image is really large.  Like the one I am using.
It is 1000 X 537 Pixels>
You may need to do this step first, but if your image isn't really large.  Just move on to step 3B.
Using your Crop Tool select a portion of the image you wish to keep.  See the image above.  Then double click on your image....and the parts you didn't want will be removed.  See image below.
Now lets move on to step 3 B.
 3 B: Image/Resize.
  Width:  300 pixels
   Height:  300 pixels
   Resample using: Bicubic
   Lock aspect ratio Unchecked
   See screen shot below.
4. Layers/Duplicate
5.  Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling
With the following settings.....
6.  Selections/Select All
7.  Selections/Modify/Contract
With the following settings.
8.  Now push the delete key on your keyboard.
Selections/Select None
9.  Effects/Texture Effects/Mosaic-Glass
With the following settings....
10.  Layers/Merge/Merge All (Flatten)
11.  Using your eyedropper tool.  Choose 2 colors from your graphic.  Left click for one color, Right click for the other color.
12.  Image/Add Borders
With the following settings.....
Note:  If you right click on your color box you will be able to
select from your 2 colors you just picked. 
13.  Add another 1 Symmetric border.....using the other color.
14.  Add another 1 Symmetric border.....using the first color.
15.  Add a 2 Symmetric border.....using the other color.
16.  Add another 2 Symmetric border.....using the first color.
17.  Add your watermark.  Layers/Promote background layer
18.  Image/Canvas Size
Width:  1024
Height: 334
Middle Left Arrow checked
Add a Drop Shadow now ....If you wish.
19.  Maximize the 2nd image.
20.  Edit/Copy
21.  Move back to your Image we have been working on.
Add a new raster layer to your image.
22.  Selections/Select All.....Edit/Paste Into Selection
23.  Selections/Select None.
24.  Repeat Seamless Tiling as in Step 5.
25.  Adjust/Blur/Average
With the following settings.....
26.  Effects/Texture Effects/Antique-Glass
       With the following settings.....
27.  Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling
28.  Layers/New Raster Layer
29.  Using  your Flood Fill tool.....Flood this layer with one of your colors from earlier. 
30.  In your layer palette.....Lower the opacity to a level of your liking.
I lowered mine to 60....but you do what is best for your image.
31.  Layers/Merge/Merge Down
32.  Layers/ Arrange/Send to Bottom
33.  Save as jpeg.
Letter Creator
1. Body Tab
Image: your saved image
Tile: clicked  
Text: choose a complimentary font
And complimentary text and link colors
Top: 30
Left: Move till it is past your side bar.  
Right: 20
2. Footer Tab
Creator information:
Add your name
Your letter name
Date if you want
Add tutorial and author information:
Mosaic/Antique Glass Side Border  By: ZiggyFan
Add artist, graphic and font information.
3. Finish Tab
Name your letter and
Choose your collection.
Click Save Project.
Click Add to Incredimail.
You are done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  As much as I did writing it.
Credit Tutorial back to ZiggyFan at:
Thank you to my testers at Crazy Creative Creators!!
Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.