No Boys Allowed

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Things Needed For This Tutorial
  • Paint Shop Pro (This is done using 9), but should be able to be done in newer versions.
  • 1 Image of your choice...I am using PinUpToons,which you can purchase here,do not use unless you have a license to do so.
  • Scrap kit "No Boys Allowed" by Missy of Scraps With Attitude ...This is a PTU kit that can be purchased Here or you may use one of your choice.
  • Yvette_EOC_Template30 Here...Save this somewhere easy to find.
  • Plugin....MuRa's Meister - Copies....You can find it Here
  • WSL_Mask105 Here...Save this somewhere easy to find.
  • Font of your choice....
Please Note..All Settings remain the same unless otherwise noted.
Let's get started.....
1.  Place the plugin in your plugins folder in your PSP....then open PSP.
2.  Open your image of choice....Image/GreyScale....Image/Increase Color Depth/16 Million Colors, and Minimize it for now.  Open your mask and Minimize it for now.
3.  Open tag template....Duplicate (Shift + D) once and close out original.

     Delete the top layer (Designer Info)....

4.  Image/Canvas Size ...Width & Height at 550...this should give us plenty of room to work with.  You can crop and resize later.

5.  Make "Layer1" active....Selections/Select All - Selections/Float -Selections/Defloat

6.  Selections/Modify/Contract at 3....Make Image active....Edit/Copy...Paste it as a new layer onto the tag.  Resize as needed, position image where you like.  Selections/Invert....Edit/Cut....Selections/Select None

7. Layers/Merge/Merge Down....Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow....Vertical & Horizontal 0, Opacity 50, Blur 10, Shadow on new layer - unchecked.

8.  Make "Layer2" active....Selections/Select All - Selections/Float -Selections/Defloat

9.  Open a paper of your choice....Edit/Copy...Paste it as a new layer onto the template.

10. Resize it if you it where you like.  Selections/Invert

Edit/Cut.....Select None  - Delete the template layer...

11. Make "Layer3" active....Selections/Select All - Selections/Float -Selections/Defloat

     Repeat steps 9 & 10....

12. Make "Layer4" active....Selections/Select All - Selections/Float -Selections/Defloat

      Repeat steps 9 & 10....

13. Make "Layer5" active....Selections/Select All - Selections/Float -Selections/Defloat

      Repeat steps 9 & 10....I resized my paper on this layer to 50%.

14. Now make your crop tool active....Select the whole tag.  We don't want to crop off any of the extra white yet.  We are just getting rid of any extra paper hanging over our work space.  Once the arrow in the top left.  See my screenshot...


15. Now apply drop shadow to layers 2, 3, 4, & 5.

16. Open an "Eyelet Shoestring" of your choice from the kit.  Edit/Copy, you can close it out now.

17. Back to your template....make the top layer active.  Edit/Paste as new layer...Image/Rotate/Free Rotate 90% to the right.

18. Image/Resize at 40%, Smart Size...all layers unchecked.  Apply same drop shadow.

19. In your layers pallet...hide your bottom layer.  Layers/Merge/Merge Visible...

20. Unhide bottom layer...Layers/Duplicate your Merged layer.  Make the original layer active.

21. Effect/Plugins/MuRa's Meister-Copies....use the Wallpaper or Wallpaper Rotate preset in the drop down menu.  Note:  I found that the more went back and tried each preset...they changed.  So, play around with the settings till you get the effect you want.  You want the whole layer covered.

22. Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image....Find the mask in the drop down menu.  Create mask from Source Luminance, Invert Mask Data - Unchecked....Click Ok. 

      Layers/Merge/Merge Group

23. Now add any other elements you like....Don't forget to add the proper copyright info....add you name.

24. Crop off any and all extra white around your finished tag....

25. That's it...Your all done.  If you are using it for a Tag you may want to resize....I like to use 65%.  Now if you are using it for a header, no need to resize.

To save your image go to File/Export and export the JPEG Optimizer and Optimize at anywhere between 15 and 20 or whichever setting you prefer :)
You are done!! Hope your results were great ones :)
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  As much as I did writing it.  Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.  Please do not translate or Script this tutorial.  Please do not Claim any of it as your own."

Also, If you are a tutorial writer and you would like to use the PSP Selections, Masks, Brushes, Tubes, Templates or anything else that I create myself please email me at:

I do allow this, but I would like to be notified first and I also require a link back to my tutorials homepage:

I put a lot of time in creating my selections and other things and while I'm happy to share them, I would like to be credited for them...I'm sure all my fellow tutorial writers can understand how I feel about this :)