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This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.  I believe the skill level to be at the "Advanced Intermediate" Level.  Just be sure to read every step carefully and always pay special attention to what layer you are working on.

Things Needed For This Tutorial
  • Paint Shop Pro (This is done using 9), but should be able to be done in newer versions.
  • Animation Shop
  • A Tube of Choice
  • 2 or 3 Fonts of your Choice
  • No Filters or Plug-In's are needed....!!!
  • Any other tubes or brushes you would like to use to dress up your Letter.
  • My Supplies: ....20/20 Mask, My selections, and the 2 Music animations.

The Mask and Animations were not made by me.  Mask was found in a group share...If it is yours please let me know so I can give you credit.  The animations were found here.  There are lot's of fun animations there.
    Let's Begin....Please make sure you have Saved the Music animations to a folder that is easy to find.  Be sure that you have placed my selections into your selections folder  ....before you open PSP.
    1.  Open your Tube of choice....Shift-D to duplicate it.  Close the original and select a light color and a Dark Color....and minimize it for now.
    2.  File/New Image 250 X 100 pixels.
    Using your light color and  your choice of Font
    Type whatever you want your background text to be.  
    I kept my font size around 14....Use whatever looks best to you.  
    Hint:  You don't want it to wont look right.  I used the "Acens" Font for this step.
    3.  Add a drop shadow of H&V=2, Opacity=50, Blur=0, Color=Black
         Edit/Copy....Edit/Paste as a new Image.  Close the original
    ( We do this step to get rid of the extra space around the text).
    4.  Image/Canvas Size....Your original Width & Height + 10 pixels
    ....See my screen shot.
         Note:  I added this step to give a little space around the text, but not to much.
         Minimize the text now....just keep it open in PSP.
    5.  In your Materials Pallet click on your Background....Select the Pattern tab.  Scroll Down and find the background text we just made.  Select it...with the following settings....
    6.  File/New Image 500 X 500 pixels.  Flood Fill it with the Pattern we just selected.
    7.  Layers/Load/SaveMask....Mask From Disk....Select the 20/20 Mask with the
         Following settings....
    8.  Layers/Merge/Merge Group.....Image/Resize with the following settings...
         Take this time to add a background color of your choice...
    Otherwise just Merge all Flatten like I did.  That's how I got the white background.
    9.  Layers/New Raster Layer......Selections.....Load/Save Selection....Load Selection
         From Disk.  Select "AMZ_RockStar1".....with the following settings....
    10. Flood Fill the selection with Black or your Dark color.....Select None
    11. Effects/3D Effects/Drop shadow.....H&V=5, Opacity=50, Blur=10, Color=Black
    12. Layers/New Raster Layer......Selections.....Load/Save Selection....Load Selection From Disk.  Select "AMZ_RockStar2".....with the same settings before.
    13. Flood Fill the selection with your light color.....Select None
    14. Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel.....with the following settings....
    15. Layers/New Raster Layer......Selections.....Load/Save Selection....Load Selection From Disk.  Select "AMZ_RockStar3".....with the same settings before.
    16. Flood Fill the selection with your light color.....Select None
    17. Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel.....with the same settings as before.
    18. Layers/Merge/Merge down.....This should be just the 2 lines that overlap.
          Effects/3D Effects/Drop shadow.....H&V=5, Opacity=50, Blur=10, Color=Black
    19. Maximize your Tube....Resize if you need to.  It should set on the line. 
          See my example above.
           Effects/3D Effects/Drop shadow.....H&V=5, Opacity=50, Blur=10, Color=Black
    20. It's time to add your name or whatever text you would like.  Just remember
          To leave room for the boom box....that we will be adding in just a few steps.
           Note:  I used "Impact"  for this add the fraise "RockStar"
                     ....Also used the same Inner Bevel we used earlier and added this Drop
                     Shadow:  H&V=2, Opacity=50, Blur=5, Color=Black 
    21. Merge All Flatten.....Add your Watermark....Copyright information, etc.
    Now on to making it Animated

     So open Animation shop. The easiest way to open it is while in PSP click on File > Jasc Software Products > Launch Animation Shop. There are different ways to get your images into Animation Shop, and if there is one you prefer, then go right ahead. Or you can follow this way.

    22.  Go up top and click on Edit >Copy

    23.  Switch over to Animation Shop, and on the top click on Edit > Paste as New Animation.

    24.  Edit > Paste after current Frame....and keep doing this till you have 10 Frames.

    25.  Edit > Select All.....and minimize it for now.

    26.  Open up both of the animations you saved earlier.  There should be one of a boom box and one of music notes.  Both all ready have 10 Frames of animation.

    27.  Make the Boom Box active....Edit > Select All....Edit > Copy

    28.  Maximize your Tag....Make sure all Frames are Selected!  We will be working in Frame 1....Edit > Paste Into Selected Frame.  Place the Boom Box onto the line next to your tube....See my Example above.

    29.  Make the Music Notes active....Edit > Select All....Edit > Copy

    28.  Maximize your Tag....Make sure all Frames are Selected!  We will be working in Frame 1....Edit > Paste Into Selected Frame.  Place the Notes above the Boom Box.

    ....See my Example above.  

    Select all of the frames (CTRL + A) then press ALT + ENTER.  Type in the speed (25).  It will change the speed for all of the frames.

    29. Animation/Resize Animation.....65% is about right....Tag shouldn't be to much larger than 325 pixels in size.

    Now you have all the layers, Let's check out what it looks like. Up top on the tool bar is a View Animation button (see below what it looks like)....


    Click on it and it will open your animation.  Click on the X in the corner of the image that is showing the animation to close it. Your other image is still open.

    After viewing your Animation and your happy with it - Click up top on File> Save As then choose where you would like to save it, and give it a name. Click on Save. It then opens another window Animation Quality Versus Output Size. There is a slider on the left. The higher the slider is on the line the larger the file size of your animation will be. But then again the lower on the line you set it, the quality of your image goes down. Click on Next then click on next in the next window, then click Next again, then click on Finish. You may now close out your image and close Animation Shop you are done.

    Here is another Result.....Works great for Country As well.
    Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  As much as I did writing it.  Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.  Please do not translate or Script this tutorial.  Please do not Claim any of it as your own