Simple Black & White Scrap Tag

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Simple Black N White Scrap Tag

By: ZiggyFan

This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.  I believe the skill level to be at the "Advanced Beginner" Level.  Just be sure to read every step carefully and always pay special attention to what layer you are working on.

Things Needed:

  • Paint Shop Pro (This was done using 9)
  • Supplies (Which includes: 2 Masks, 2 Scrap Papers, 2 Picture Frames)
  • Graphic of your choosing (Must be Wide in shape)  Tall graphics won't work!
  • Font of your choice
  • No Outside Plug-ins or Filters Needed.....Yay!!

**Place the Picture Frames in your "Picture Frames" PSP. Also included in the Supplies zip.... Scrap Paper and Masks.  Save them into a folder where you will find them easily.  The Picture Frames and Scrap Papers were created by me.  The Masks were not.  **

Please Note..All Settings remain the same unless otherwise noted

Let's Get Started!

First decide which picture frame you want to use.  Looking above...If you choose the one on the left (Dreams, Treasures, Wishes, Desires)...Your image size needs to be...Width 400 X Height 300.  Now, if you choose to use the one on the right ( My Favorite Things)...Your image size needs to be around...Width 350 X Height 255.

Also Note:  Your image's main focus needs to be centered.  This means nothing to close to the sides.

1.  Open your image you wish to use.  Once you have chosen your picture frame.  We will work on your image size.  Now, you can either crop it down, and use custom resize to get it to the right size, or use my optional instructions below..

For...another option if you are having problems resizing is to open a new raster image in one of the sizes above.  Go to Edit/Copy on your graphic(You can close it out then). Back to the new raster image and go to Edit/Paste/Paste as a new layer and resize it down to where it fits in this new raster image nicely. Make sure you do not have Resize All Layers Checked when resizing. Use Smart resize also...and you will need to go to Adjust/Sharpness/Sharpen when you are done resizing....

Whichever method you used to get your graphic resized, now go to Layers/Merge/Merge All Flatten..
2.  Image/GreyScale.....Image/Increase Color Depth/16 Million Colors(24 bit)
Now your image is black and if you were using an image that was all ready black and white....Skip this step.
3.  Image/Picture Frame....and select the frame you want to use.  With the following settings:
align=  Set this aside for now.....
4.  Open my scrap papers and the masks.  Select the "plaid black & white paper."  Layers/ Promote background layer.  Layers/New mask layer/From Image the "Becky_Mask033" With the following settings:
align=  Layers/Merge/Merge Group
Repeat the mask settings with the "Grey Scrap Paper"...set them aside for now.
5.  Open a new white raster image 600 X 600.  Add a new raster layer and flood fill it with black.  Layers/New mask layer/From Image the "Becky_Mask007" With the same settings as before.
Layers/Merge/Merge Group....Image/Resize at 85%  ( Resize All Layers - not checked!)
6.  Select the "plaid black & white paper"....Edit/Copy....Select your 600 X 600 image and go to Edit/Paste as new Layer.  Image/Rotate/Free Rotate with the following settings:
7.  Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow....with the followings settings:
align=  Repeat...change V & H...-2
8.  Select the "grey scrap paper"....Edit/Copy....Select your 600 X 600 image and go to Edit/Paste as new Layer.  Image/Flip....Image/Rotate/Free Rotate to the right at 12 degrees.
Repeat the same drop shadow from step 7.
9.  Select your image with the picture frame.  Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.  Edit/Copy...Select your 600 X 600 image and go to Edit/Paste as new Layer.  Image/Rotate/Free Rotate to the left at 5 degrees.
Adjust/Sharpen...Repeat the same drop shadow from step 7.
10.  Now for the fun part...add any brushes or tubes of your choice.
Add your watermark....and your text.  Resize at 50% for a nice tag size.
That's it! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  As much as I did writing it.  Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.  Please do not translate or Script this tutorial.  Please do not Claim any of it as your own.

Sending big hugs to all my testers at:  Crazy Creative Creators
Thank You!  Without you I wouldn't be here...:)

Here are a few more results from a few taleted others....