Simple Mask Blend

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   Simple Mask Blend -Header & SideBorder
By:  ZiggyFan
This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.  I believe the skill level to be at the "Advanced Intermediate" Level.  Just be sure to read every step carefully and always pay special attention to what layer you are working on.
Things Needed For This Tutorial
  • Paint Shop Pro (This is done using 9), but should be able to be done in newer versions.
  • Three Images of choice:  Try to use images from the same photo shoot. 
  • A Font of your choice
  • Supplies: Masks, and Tube....Found Here
  • No Outside Plug-In's or Filters needed.....Yay!
  • Any other tubes or brushes you would like to use to dress up your Letter.
  • Let's Begin......Making the Header
    1.  Open all 4 Masks into PSP.....and Minimize them for now.  Open your 3 images....  Select 2
         colors from them...A lighter color and a darker color.
         Open new raster image 100x100.....Duplicate once.  Flood fill each of these new images with
         the colors you have chosen.  That way if you lose your colors in your Materials
         will have them.
    2.  Now starting with your first image.  Select your  
         Click around your this.... 
          It doesn't matter if you are not perfect.
         Just get as close to it as you can.  Once you have made it all the way around...double click.
         You should now have something like this..... 
    3.  Layers/Promote background layer....Selections/Invert.....Now hit your delete key.
         You should now have something like this.... 
    4.  Continue the same way with the other two images.  You may want to hit the delete key more
         then once on some images.  You decide what looks best to you.
    5.  Okay now once you have done all three images.  Open a new image 410 X 310.  In your
         Materials pallet....Click on your background color.  Select...Gradient...Settings below..... 
    6.  Flood fill your new image with the Gradient.  Copy and Paste each of your misted images
         on to your new image.  Arrange them how you like.  Resize the images.... if needed.
    7.  Once you are happy with the layout....Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.
         Note:  If you are not using images from the same Photo Shoot.  You can go to
         Adjust/Hue and Saturation/Colorize and choose a color that will work best for
         your images.
    8.  Layers/New mask layer/From Image.....Select mask 1....with the following settings.... 
         Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.  Set this image aside for now.
    9.  Open a new image 500 X 500 and Flood fill it with your light color.  Effects/Texture Effects one you like and use the following settings.... 
           Seamless tile at default settings.....
    10.  Add a new Raster layer and flood fill it with your dark color.  Layers/New mask layer/From
          Image.....Select mask 2....Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.
    11.  Add a new Raster layer and flood fill it with your dark color.  Layers/New mask layer/From
          Image.....Select mask 3....Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.
    12.  Add a drop shadow with the following settings.... 
    13.  Maximize the blend we made earlier and copy and paste it onto the new working canvas.
           Add the same drop shadow and repeat it again with the Vertical/Horizontal -2
           Merge Visible....
    14.  Open the swirl Tube into PSP....Colorize to match....copy and paste it onto the working
           canvas.  Move it to the top left corner (see my Header).
    15.  Add a drop shadow:  Vertical/Horizontal: 2, Opacity: 70, Blur: 10, Color: Black, Shadow
          on new layer: UnChecked.
    16.  Add test of your choice.....or leave it blank.
           Add your watermark and we are done with the header.
    Onto Making the Sideborder......
    17.  Open a new image 390 X 380 and flood fill it with you dark color.  Layers/New mask
           layer/From Image.....Select mask 4....with the following settings.... 
           Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.
    18.  Apply a drop shadow of your choice....or leave it be. 
          Seamles Tile with the following settings.... 
    19.  Image/Canvas Size with the follwing settings.... 
    20.  Add a new Raster layer and send it to the bottom.  Flood fill it with your light color.
          Effects/Texture Effects/ the same one you used in your header and
          use the same settings as before.
           Seamless tile at default settings.....
           Save a jpeg and add to Letter Creator and you are done.
    Here is another Result.....  
    Please add the following link:
    Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  As much as I did writing it.  Any similarities to other
    tutorials are Entirely coincidental.  Please do not translate or Script this tutorial. 
    Please do not Claim any of it as your own. 
    A Special thanks to my testers at Crazy Creative Creators!!!!!


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