Spiked Chain Frame and SideBorder

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You are more than welcome to share this tutorial (or any of my tutorials for that matter) with whomever you please including Yahoo Groups.  You do not need to ask for my permission.  I write tutorials for people to enjoy and possibly learn something new… so the more the merrier!

This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.  I believe the skill level to be at the “Advanced”Intermediate Level.   Knowledge of PSP tools and Letter Creator is required. 

Just be sure to read every step carefully and always pay special attention to what layer you are working on.

Things Needed For This Tutorial
Place the Filter in your plug-in's folder. 
Place the Selection into your PSP Selections Folder before opening PSP.....
Let's get started on the Header
 1.  Open the mask, tube, and your graphic.  Minimize the mask and make the Chain link tube active.
 2.  Select your magic wand and select the center open space on the Chain link canvas. 
      Selections / Modify / Expand by 2 pixels...add a new Raster Layer and send it to the bottom.
 3.  Make your Graphic active, Edit / Copy and Minimize it for now.
 4.  Return to your Chain Link Canvas Edit / Paste into Selection.
 5.  Selections / Select None.....Layers / Merge / Merge Visible.
 6.  Using your eyedroper tool....Select a Dark and a not so Dark color....nothing to light.
 7.  Add a new Raster Layer and send it to the bottom....Flood fill the layer with your dark color.
 8.  Layers / New mask layer / From Image...Source Luminance...Checked, Invert mask data...Unchecked.
      Layers / Merge / Merge Group.
 9.  Add a new Raster Layer and send it to the bottom....Flood fill the layer with your lighter color.
10.  Apply FM Paint Engine....with the following settings:
Effects / Images Effects / Seamless tiling at default settings.
11.  Layers / Merge / All Flatten.....Add your text....or leave it blank.
12.  Adjust / Softness / Soft Focus.....with these settings:
Add your watermark and you are done with the header. 
     Note:  The header will be 500 in width and 450 in height...
     ....it is a good size, no need to resize.
       File / Export / jpeg optimizer at 25.
Time to make the Background
 13.  Open a new transparent image 1200 W X 300 H.
 14.  Flood fill it with the same lighter color that you used in the background of your header.
 15.  Apply FM Paint Engine....with the same settings as in step 10.
 16.  Effects / Images Effects / Seamless tiling at default settings.
 17.  Selections...Load/Save Selections / Load Selection From Disk.  ( ZiggyFan-Sideborder-Bars)
 18.  Flood Fill with Black or a nice dark color from your image. 
        ( I think Black looks best though)
 19.  Select None....Adjust / Softness / Soft Focus.....with the same settings as in step 12.
        File / Export / jpeg optimizer at 25.....Name and Save.
        Assemble both parts in Letter Creator and you are done.

Please link this tutorial and all of my tutorials back to me at:
Thank you for trying my tutorial and I hope you had great results!!!
Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.
Please do not translate or Script this tutorial. 
Please do not Claim any of it as your own. 
Thank you to my testers at Crazy Creative Creators too!!

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