Spiral Fun Tag/Header

Things Needed:
  •  Paint Shop Pro (This was done using 9)
  •  Supplies (Which includes: My Mask, Selection, Vector Tube & Fonts)
  •  A Tube of choice...You may use more then one.
  •  MuRa's Meister - Copies...found Here

**Please place the Selection into your sections folder before opening PSP.  Save My Mask, Vector Tube, and Fonts to a folder where you can find them easily.  Mask was created by me.**

Please Note..All Settings remain the same unless otherwise noted

Let's Get Started!

1.  Open My Mask, Vector Tube, and Fonts...minimize them for now.

2.  Open your tube of choice...Open a New Transparent Raster Image...350 X 400 in size.

3.  Selections...Load/Save selection...Load Selection from disk.  With the following settings:


Flood Fill selection with Black or a dark color from your tube.  Select None

4.  Select your Magic Wand ( Default Settings )...Click inside the circle.

     Selections/Modify/Expand by 2

5.  Add a New Raster layer and send it to the bottom.

6.  Using your eyedropper tool....Select a nice color from your tube.

     Flood Fill the new layer with this color....Do Not Deselect!!!!

7.  Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds with the following settings:


8.  Make your Tube active....Edit/Copy

    Go back to your Circle Section...Edit/Paste as a new layer

    Place it where you like it....resize if needed.

9.  Selections/Invert....Edit/Cut.....Select None

     On your Layer Palette....Change the blend mode on the tube layer to:

     Luminance Legacy.....and reduce the opacity to 50

10. Layers/Merge/Merge Visible

11. Effects/Plug Ins/MuRa's Meister - Copies with the following settings:


12.  Image/Canvas Size with the following settings:


13.  Effects/3D Effects/Dropshadow with the following settings:

V&H=3, Opacity=35, Blur=5, Color=Black.....Repeat but change V&H to -3

14.  Layers/Add New Raster Layer....send it to the bottom.
Flood Fill this new layer with the same color you choose earlier.
15.  Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image....with the following settings:
  Layers/Merge/Merge Group
16.  Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance....you may skip this step if you want.
17.  Layers/Add New Raster Layer....send it to the bottom.
Flood Fill this new layer with white...or a color of your choice.
Layers/Merge/Merge Visible
18.  Maximize the Vector Circle Tube and go to Edit/Copy (you can now close this out)
19.  Back to your image and go to Edit/Paste/Paste as a new layer
Using your mover tool....Place it so it just fits around the Spiral....see screenshot:
20.  Layers/Add New Raster Layer
21.  Select your text tool....I used a script font called "LHF Stanford Script"
Text size should be between 40 to 50....or less depending on how many words.
Using your text tool, Position it on the circle (Along the top...on the line of the circle so your text tool shows "A" curvature mark...it will center better).  Now begin typing what you would like it to read around the spiral.
I Choose to use music lyrics....but a nice movie or book quote would work well.  It's really up to you what you want it to say.
I used Black for text color....you could use a nice dark color from your tube.
22.  When you are done tweaking your text and you have it to where you think it looks good, Click Apply...
Layers/Convert to Raster Layer
23.  Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow with same settings as before:
V&H=3, Opacity=35, Blur=5, Color=Black
24.  Now in your layer palette, delete your Vector layer. Just highlight the Vector layer and then right click and choose delete. If you are prompted to whether you want to delete this layer, just click yes....
Layers/Merge/Merge Visible
25.  Maximize your tube or tubes of choice....Edit/Copy
      Edit/Paste as new layer onto your working canvas.  Resize if needed.   Adjust/Sharpen if needed.  Use your mover tool to move where you want it.  Keep in mind that you want to see the image inside the top circle.
26.  Once you have your tube or tubes where you want.  Add the same dropshadow as before.
27.  Select your text tool....I used a Bold font called "Impact"
In your materials palette....Make your Background tab, the color you choose earlier.  Make your Foreground tab, Black ( If you used a dark color from your tube before.  You may want to use it instead).
Text size should be between 45 to 55....or less (More) depending on how many words.  Place text across the bottom....Objects/Align/Horz....will center it.
28.  Type your text...once your happy.  Layers/Convert to Raster.
       Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds with same settings as before.
       Add the same dropshadow as before.
29.  This step is optional....I add more text on top of the bold text.  I used the same Script font that I used around the circle.  If you choose to do this step.  First you will need to which your Forground & Background colors.  Then you will need to set the Stoke back to 0.  Now type your text and decide what size looks best to you.  I then added the same dropshadow again.
30.  That's it...were done.  Add your watermark and/or copyright info.
If your using this for a Stat Header...there is no need to resize...unless you want to.  If you are using this for a Tag...Resize at 60% for a nice size.  Just remember to sharpen it.
Now it's time to Optimize it so go to File/Export to JPEG Optimizer and Optimize it at 10 - 20, Save it, and you are done!!!
That's it! 
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  As much as I did writing it.  Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.  Please do not translate or Script this tutorial.  Please do not Claim any of it as your own.
If you are a tutorial writer and you would like to use my selections, masks, or other things please email me at ziggyfan00@sbcglobal.net

I do allow it, but I require a link back in your tutorial to my website.