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All of these tutorials were created by me using Paint Shop Pro.
My ideas are completely my own.
Please do not try to reproduce or copy any of my tutorials.
My tutorials are not to be sent through email nor any other form of file sharing...this has been happening alot recently. Please refrain from doing this, thank you.
You can do whatever you like with your own result of any of my tutorials, but you cannot use them for monetary gain.
Any supplies available with my tutorials were either shared with me or made by me, please do not use any of the supplies made by me in any tutorials without my permission
Bandwidth Theft (hotlinking) is absolutely NOT allowed!!!  If people do this, then my site will have to close, sorry.

By clicking any of the below links, you are agreeing to my T.O.U


Denim Mask Blinky Tag
Fun Floatie Tag - (Under Construction)
Rock Star Tag/Header
Tainted Love Tag 
Your Number Was Up...
All I Want For Christmas Scrap Tag
Bleeding Love Tag
Double Frame Tag
Easy Beveled Frame Tag - (Under Construction)
Edward & Bella Tag
 Girlz Rule Tag
I know You Want Me...
I'm Not Irish Tag
My Gorjuss Friend Tag
No Boys Allowed Tag 
Porcelain Frame Scrap Tag/Header
Red Riding Hood Tag/Header
Simple Boxed Text Frame Tag - (Under Construction)
Simple Black & White Scrap Tag
Simple Fun With Mask Tag/Header - (Under Construction)
Simple, Gorjuss, & Carefree Tag
Sinful Bliss Scrap Tag
Snow White - One Bite align= 
Some Kind Of Superstar align= 
Spiral Fun Tag/Header
Super Girlz Tag/Header
SweetHearts Scrap Tag
Sweet Passion Scrap Tag 
Twisted Mind Scrap Tag
Who Needs Love? 
You Give Me Fever align= 
 Animated Noise Header & Sideborder
Antique/Mosaic Weaver Header & Sideborder
Blur And Wave Stationary
Easy Double Mask Sideborder
Film Strip Mask Animated Header & Sideborder 
Film Strip Mask Header & Sideborder
Just Pictured Sideborder align=
Marble Rotated Frame Sideborder
Oh My Stars!  Header & Sideborder
Mosaic/Antique Glass Sideborder
Pretty In Blue Scrap Header & Sideborder
Simple Mask Blend Header & Sideborder
Spiked Chain Frame Header & Sideborder
StarDust Frame Sideborder
Swirl Transmision Sideborder