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Tools Needed:
PSP ( Paint Shop Pro ) - I used 9 but you should be able to use other versions
Graphic of choice ( Preferably one wider then tall ).
No Outside Plug-In's or Filters needed.....Yay!
Let's Begin....
1.  Open the 2 Masks ....and Minimize them for now.
2.  Open your graphic in PSP, duplicate once (shift D) and close original. Resize to width of 350, let height adjust itself.
3. With your dropper tool, Right click to choose a light color and Left click to choose a dark color from your graphic.
4.  Layers/Add a new raster layer.  Flood Fill it with with your light color.
5.  Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image
Click on the bar and find ww-edgemask33j and click OK.  
Note:  You will most likely see something like this:
Don't worry!  Just follow this next step...
6.  Layers/Invert Mask/Adjustment 
Now it should appear as it should.  On we go....
7.  Layers/Merge/Merge Group
8.  Layers/Add New Raster Layer.   Flood Fill it with your dark color.
9.  Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image.   Click on the bar and find ww-border3j and click okay.  Invert again if needed.
10.  Layers/Merge/Merge Group
11.  Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds with the following settings.
Repeat Blinds again, but uncheck the Horizontal box.
12.  Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow  with the following settings.
Repeat drop shadow again but change the Vertical & Horizontal to -4.
13.  Layers/Merge/Merge All Flatten
14.  Selections/Select all
15.  Selections/Modify/Contract
With this setting.
16.  Selections/Invert
17.  Flood Fill with your light color.  Selections/Select None.
18.  Selections/Select All
19.  Selections/Modify/Contract   With this setting.
20.  Selections/Invert
21.  Flood Fill with your Dark color.  DO NOT Deselect !
22.  Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel with the following settings.
Selections/Select None.
23.  Layers/Promote Background Layer
24.  Image/Canvas Size - width set 1024  /  height the height of your graphic +20.
       Left/Middle Arrow Checked.
See this screen shot for more info:
25.  Effect/3D Effects/ Drop Shadow with the following settings.
26.  Layers/Add New Raster Layer  and Flood Fill it with your light color.
27.  Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds with the following settings.
Note:  The width here has changed to 5 and I right clicked on my color box and selected my dark color instead of the black like before.
28.  Repeat Blinds again but uncheck the Horizontal box.
29.  Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling with these settings.
It may not look like you did anything, but trust me you did.
30.  Layers/Arrange/Send To Bottom
31.  Layers/Merge All Flatten  and add your watermark.
You are done.....Just add to Letter Creator.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  As much as I did writing it.
Credit Tutorial back to ZiggyFan at:
Thank you to my testers at Crazy Creative Creators!!
Any similarities to other tutorials are Entirely coincidental.