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Well, Jodi and I are pretty excited to announce to everyone that we have
started writing tutorials together!!!
On this page you will find the Tutorials we have done together.
More will be coming soon.
You can also find Jodi's Tutorials at this link:  http://jmcreationtuts.iwarp.com/

 These tutorials are our own creations, Their concepts are copyrighted to us.....any similarities to other tutorials found elsewhere are strictly coincidental and unintentional...

You may link to and/or print them out for your personal use. Please do not copy them in whole or in part to place online, pass them out, rewrite them, script them, or claim them as your own without our EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT.   If you own an MSN, Yahoo or other learning group and you share tutorials it is perfectly fine for you to share mine with your group, you do have my permission...just text link it to your group...and please be sure credit is linked back to us as stated in our tutorials...

Suspended In Chains

Creatively Framed -N- Chained - New Tutorial !!!!